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allows appropriate analysis of any of the persons representing their industry.

The fact that attendees enjoy new markets through new business relationships and gain referrals, which produces magnificent business results has is origin in the fact that the Chamber is the place to have allowed such defined interaction between business owners and under our platform’s guidance.

Our Chambers are best described as a meeting venue and thus recognises the efforts of its members, and why we get to know in detail why we are there for each other, and what we can achieve for each other.

As far as placing in format how a Chamber unfolds in individual form please see below the further helpful guidelines via a timetable/chart to allow correct time management.



An Example of a Chamber run sheet:


Time: Information:
8.30am - 8.40am Chamber Manager to announce proceedings and welcome guests, and just what the reasons for networking mean.
8.40am - 9.15am Each Member or Guest are asked by the Manager in turn to stand up and describe a brief 60second to 90 second explanation to the Chamber members about their product or services. They may refer to their ideal client also. Persons who are invited as guests, have the same opportunity to explain their business or services.
9.15am - 9.35 The featured weekly Speaker/Member demonstrates to the Chamber a more in-depth description of their product or services, and is best run with a projector and screen. They may hand out literature in the form of leaflets etc.
9.35am - 9.45am Q & A are offered to the weekly Speaker.
9.55am - 10.10am Chamber Secretary who has correlate all the business written up in the previous week, via all Members uploads it to the internet on the appropriate link of that particular Chamber to the Official website. They make this announcement to everybody for everyone to enjoy, and demonstrate how effective referring business to each other is, as the new
business figures are written up.
Official close 10.10am The Manager ends proceedings and thanks all for attending.
10.10am - 10.30am Open ended timing should any Member wish to further discuss matters between themselves to

What is a Chamber?


At The Business Referral Initiative, we see our get-together business groups defined as Chambers.

Many networking collectives use different terminology, but we prefer to use this term for particular reasoning.

A chamber then is a place with the meaning described as a room in which can be used to judge the information deployed between those who interact within an enclosed space and thereafter determine the information appropriately.

As then, The Business Referral Initiative gathers together various business persons of which represent a wide range of industries via attendance in rooms/meeting places on a weekly basis, who then share between each other information of what they offer, and with potential interaction to various other business types who attend thus

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