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Benefits of Membership


As a member with The Business Referral Initiative, you will receive a full support system via our Advice Centre. We always recommend you contact your Chamber manager for all matters concerning your group and the quality you have as individuals that’s been built up with each other. But there will be times when contact with us directly is required. Please be assured, we are here to help and we will always get back to you within 24 hours, should your inquiry not be dealt with straight away.


With membership we wish to provide as much leverage as possible in creating our objective, of which remains our intrinsic value in putting in place mechanisms to build solid business referrals.


 Leaflets drops: - One such huge move towards giving back to our member community and helping an individual Chamber is to provide a pamphlet/leaflet to be distributed to the local area where a Chamber operates every six months. The first date of the drop is normally after around the first six months has taken place.

 We will design and take care of providing five thousand leaflets and take care of the cost in having them delivered in the vicinity near to the Chamber’s operation.

 All members within the chamber will have their business name, business owner and contact details submitted. As a special offer, an individual Chamber might like to promote a special offer with the leaflet/pamphlet as a way to gain extra traction.    example


 Directory: - In relation to the obvious reasons for a member of a Chamber to be able to protect their particular industry within their group of business persons and so represent their industry solely, we see that creating awareness over a wider potential audience has its importance also. There are also many benefits to be able to interact as a member across the whole range of industries involved of many geographical possibilities.


 Of course we see the need to promote the very reasoning for support towards each colleague accordingly within somebody’s respective Chamber as they develop and exchange referrals and build up an understanding of each other. So therefore we implement the directory as an extra mechanism to display possible potential across the country and provide contact details of all concerned within our member base, and in doing so you can be confident all our members have been scrutinised.


 All our members have agreed to our mission statement, and so all concerned with The Business Referral Initiative understand why we are there to protect and uphold the core values of our services.


 Forum: - It’s paramount for business owners to devise ways to attract and interact with not only a new potential customer range, but also in expressing topical content outside of a Chamber. One of those ways in retaining attention is by creating subject matter for discussion. Whereas we don’t promote or allow business owners to put up forum subject content for advertising purposes, we strongly suggest members should be putting up content concerning industry issues etc. One may liken this to the way LinkedIn supports its running blog.

 Forums are ideal in providing your business community with a way to connect to each other. It is a fantastic tool to swap ideas, create meaningful relationships within overlapping industries and create a sense of belonging.


 Individual Chamber: - When demonstrating the effectiveness of a Chamber, we have devised a particularly attractive tool that will allow a Chamber manager to upload the new business disclosed between each other at a weekly meeting. This information can be viewed with the link What Is It? A Chamber and location is clearly identified and so is a red thermometer. The Chamber manager will have a special code that he or she can use to log on and input the new business written up. This will then be shown in increasing levels via the amount of red shown in the thermometer and dollar value written up.


Joining a Chamber is great for sharing ideas and knowledge. When getting together regularly it’s a great way for obtaining feedback from another source or discussing your point of view and allow you to see things from another perspective.


It is most likely that within your Chamber there will be others who have already been where you are today. This provides you with an opportunity to learn and avoid some of the common pitfalls they’ve potentially experienced, and so help you build your business forward.

It’s a great to be associated with so many other likeminded business owners, who are wishing to help see you grow. So you’ll enjoy the many opportunities as they present themselves to you in referral form or a request to use your product or services.


You’ll noticeably become more aware of your own branding and feel a renewed confidence the more you visit Chambers and get to know different people on a regular basis, you’ll benefit the exposure of more people getting to recognise you, who are supportive and likewise wishing to seek the many benefits of social networking.