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Why it Works

Our Mission Statement:


“The Business Referral Initiative requires its members to uphold the vison and mission of the group, which is to show commitment and accountability and to uphold the reasons for supporting each other.  Our mission is to build relationships and understand our fellow members, through integrity and be prepared to raise the awareness of each member within a Chamber. Thus show the importance of generating leads and referrals through helpful nature and raise the value of getting to know all of our colleagues. Our mission is to provide for each other a learning process, by such means that will allow us all to grow with mutual respect and therefore making all members a valuable asset to each other’s businesses and objectives”



The benefits of meeting up with and collaborating along with colleagues in our weekly meetings and to gain access to our contact systems, is to focus on why we are in business and how we can improve each other’s chances of gaining new business. This in turn develops, long term relationships via performance accountability towards all of our members, with total assurances of professional and monitored conduct.

We understand that there are many networking organisations across the globe as testimony to how effective such a business culture of networking really is. We are well aware of how important it is to have the opportunity for all business owners with an aim to promote themselves effectively, and so for us we like a way to be able to share ideas, values and referral contacts through our programs which ultimately results in proven new business gains. Thus we are absolutely committed in making sure each and every member has a say in matters and what their business preferences and ultimately what their goals are. Our philosophy is to truly care.

Therefore it is not only our systems which will initiate such favourable conditions to bring about new business, but we believe it is the way in which our platform operates, that truly enhances what so many are finding out about us……

……….and that is, that we commit ourselves.



We are a group of dedicated business individuals from a wide range of services and professions with a commitment to our joint cause. Our approach is to continue further putting in place business referral networking systems/initiatives with the exciting approach of flexibility, whilst always maintaining a sustained and positive networking experience.

Connecting Business......

......Connecting People